It is not recommended that you store the pistol in the box for extended periods of time as the cardboard will have a tendency to draw and retain moisture on the un-waxed side resulting in rust on your pistol.  You will also notice the wax at the bending points of the flap will turn white and crack slightly as you fold it.  This is not a defect.  This happens anytime you bend something with a rigid wax coating on it.  You could eliminate it and create a “just dipped” look by directing some heat from a hair dryer on the offending edges to re-melt them but this is not recommended.  Eventually it will cause the cardboard to absorb the wax and the bend points will only crack again anyway if it does not.  Take heart though, opened original boxes also exhibit this “white edge” phenomena.


aka Kangaroo Gun, Woolworth Gun, Flare Pistol


​​*** Why doesn't my reproduction FP-45 Liberator fit in the box completely unlike the original gun? ***
​If you order your pistols without the firing pin hole drilled all the way through (non-firing) the cocking piece does not seat all the way forward as it does on a live gun making the pistol longer than an uncocked live gun.  The 1/8th inch distance that the solid cover slide holds the firing pin back is what makes the box seem too small.  

​All the boxes are of course the same size as are all the pistols.

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